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      WHO WE ARE

      We’re John and Laura. We’ve been working together since 2008, helping schools, and cultural organisations build courses
      and learning experiences. We enjoy working on open education projects like OERs and MOOCs. We also develop courses for
      face-to-face, blended and online learning. We’ve provided subject expertise on Communications, Marketing, Multimedia, Business
      and Design courses. We’ve also worked with subject experts in other areas, like social science and healthcare. We think learning
      should be open, interactive, beautifully designed and, above all, active. We like building data visualisations, infographics and 
      animated videos that help to keep learners engaged.

      WHAT WE DO

      Learning Design

      We can help you design
      your course from the ground up.

      Course Production

      We’ll take the lead on course
      development through to
      launch and facilitation.

      Quality Assurance

      We’ll review existing courses
      and help you optimise for
      best results.

      Web Development

      We’ll build your educational
      website or set up your LMS.

      Information Design

      We’ll design graphics and
      visualisations to help explain
      complex material.

      Video & Interactive

      We’ll produce scripts, 
      storyboards, videos and
      interactive content.

      OUR WORK

      The GROW Observatory

      GROW is a European community of growers, scientists researchers and others passionate about the land, working to better manage soil and grow food, while contributing to scientific environmental monito…

      The University of Dundee/SISCC

      The Knowledge into Action at Scale project, run by The University of Dundee, The University of the West of Scotland and?The Scottish Improvement Science Collaborating Centre, produced two Massive Onl…

      Open University

        The Open University is the UK’s largest academic institution by student numbers. It focuses on distance learning, which it has been offering since the 1970s. It is recognised for its work…

      Hult International Business School

      Hult offers undergraduate, master’s and MBA degrees, and executive education to students in campuses around the world. We worked with Hult’s Career Services team to design and build a series of in…

      Olds College

      Olds College is a public post-secondary instutution in Alberta, Canada, offering over 30 programs, many focused on agriculture and the trades. As part of the Campus Alberta OER Initiative, they develo…

      MacEwan University

      MacEwan University is a post-secondary institution in Alberta, Canada serving undergraduate students studying in the faculties of Arts and Science, Fine Arts and Communications, Health and Community S…


      Contact Us
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